Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wow, so many people have...

entered into my giveaway and started following my blog. This is really exciting for me! You know what that means? I think I will do a giveaway on a regular basis. Since I'm relatively new to the blogging world, I had no idea that so many people do giveaways of all sorts of things.

Lately I've been getting into photography. Before Christmas I didn't own a camera that I really liked, so I never took photos of anything. After my parents gave me one for Christmas, I started taking it everywhere. I'm thinking about turning my girlytwoshoes etsy shop into a photography one and selling pieces like these:

I took this photo in front of my friend's boss's house. She lives in an area that overlooks the beach in Santa Barbara.

I took this one a few weeks ago when I was leaving the animal shelter. I think these are magnolias, but I'm not positive.

This bush is actually right outside of my front door.

I went to the farmers' market and split the bunch into 2 jars. One was a salsa jar and one was a spaghetti jar. I got the vintage lace from an estate sale. I made the amour tags for my best friend's bridal shower. There were some leftover decorations that I kept.

This is also from my front yard.
I heart art ♥


  1. The pretty tree that you thought was a magnolia, is a tulip tree. I don't know the latin name or anything, I just call them tulip trees. I love them! Sandra at www.cumberlandquiltchick.com

  2. Oh, and the redish flower is a camellia. I have some posted. They are very old plants great photography! I'm terrible at photos! Mostly because I haven't taken the time to read the book that came with my camera.... wrong add., sorry! www.cumberlandislandquiltchick.com

  3. me again... In case you aren't familiar with her, you should check out The Pioneer Woman. She has a LOT of photography contests that you should enter. She's always having them.... and gives tips, not that you need any!
    Okay, that's it, for now. :)
    Oh, www.thepioneerwoman.com

  4. Awesome photos! You have a natural talent...any tips? What editing software do you use. I heart these :)

  5. You do have a good eye for photography. It might be easy to snap a picture with these quick and easy digital cameras but it takes true talent to capture a really good shot and you have that talent.
    Love the effect that you give that large, old gnarled tree. Almost looks like a vintage photo.

  6. I love your photos! My faves: the tree in your friends boss's yard. I also love the flowers in the salsa jar with the armour tag! Special meaning for me:-)