Thursday, March 4, 2010

The other night my housemates...

and I watched "Coco Before Chanel." It was really inspiring because she built an empire from nothing. Her mother died when she was 12 and her father left shortly after to work. That left Coco to live in the orphanage of the Roman Catholic monastery of Aubazine for six years.

It was during those six years that she learned to sew. After she turned eighteen, she left the orphanage to be a cabaret singer in the Moulins with one of her sisters. While working in the Moulins, Coco met a young French textile heir, Etienne Balsan. She was not very fond of him at
first, but became his mistress soon after and lived with him in Paris. While living with Balsan, Coco designed hats as a hobby. Eventually she left Balsan and opened up a millinery shop where she sold raincoats and jackets in 1913. The shop didn't last and went out of business.
While she was with Balsan, she fell in love with his best friend, Arthur "Boy" Capel. "Boy" assisted Coco in acquiring property and the financial backing to open up her second millenery shop. Her hats were worn by many French actresses, which helped her establish a reputation.

She introduced sportswear at her second boutique and had her first aristocratic client. She later opened up her third and most successful shop where more and more women came to the realization that they could dress how they wanted. Coco incorporated dark colors and masculine silhouettes. What a determined, talented woman.

Thank you Coco Chanel ♥


  1. Chanelll, i liiiive for chanel. Sigh.

  2. nice recap of her life. now i feel like i don't need to watch the movie. hehe.