Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now I can't decide what...

to do with my girlytwoshoes etsy shop. I just sold a print last night from that store. I have only have 4 sales from that shop =(. I was debating whether or not to close up shop and reopen it and sell photography. Should I open ANOTHER shop just for photography? I definitely want to keep these separate from each other. Here are some of the prints I sell:

I love afros, doesn't everyone?

I sold this print last night, it's one of my favorites.

You'll only understand the humor in this print if you know the song by Kelis.

I think this one is hilarious. I have titled it "The truth about salsa." I am also selling prints titled "The truth about strawberries" and "The truth about peanuts."

It was love at first sight ♥


  1. Why not ? Your prints and your photography are very different from each other plus you could post your shops links in each shop so that way visitors could go from one shop to the other. If they don't see something that they have to have in one shop, there's a good chance they might see it in the other shop. :)

    I'd love to open a second shop, but I keep waiting for etsy to instigate the new protocol of allowing shops to change their usernames and to have all their shops under one e-mail address. The thought of having 2 different e-mail addresses to constantly check turns me off. :(

  2. Your prints are darling and funny. I would hang in there for a little while. Business is kinda slow all the way around right now, I think.

  3. aww those are cute! i like the milk and cookie one :)


  4. Super cute and love your blog! Follow mine too, if you want!