Monday, March 8, 2010

Did everyone have a good...

weekend? Saturday started out sunny so I decided that it would be okay to wear flip flops. My friend from work just had his birthday and his fiancée's birthday was on Saturday, so they invited a bunch of friends for drinks at The Boathouse. The Boathouse is a restaurant right on the beach in Santa Barbara, literally. Too bad it wasn't sunny because we were all sitting outside. It started sprinkling and the staff covered our entire area with huge umbrellas. Then it started pouring like crazy and the restaurant gave us calamari rings and pork sliders on the house for toughing it out in the rain. That was nice of them. It wasn't such a good idea for flip flops and jeans that were too long because they just dipped in the puddles. On top of that, my really cute Parisian umbrella broke =( Time for a new one...

Purple umbrella by rosiemusic.

Rain walk fine art photography by posidonia.

Rain cloud with umbrella necklace by Lanyapi.

On the verge of tears by Coeurenbois by pocketmemories.

Rain drops keep falling on my head ♥


  1. I live in upstate ny and wear flipflops all winter:) But, I might be a bit dorky,lol.

  2. the award, can u see this?