Friday, February 19, 2010

Yesterday on the etsy forums...

I posted a new thread asking people to tell us how they met the love of their life. I also asked folks to share their wedding proposals. Here are some of my favorite ones from the forum:

FancyPantsAndMore says:

Here is the proposal story and it is a long one.

Whenever my then boyfriend and I would talk about marriage, his response would be "When pigs fly". On my birthday he drew all these pigs with wings on my birthday card, hidden in funny places, yet no proposal. Same at Christmas.

When we would go someplace, out of the blue he would put his hand over his head and duck and say "Whew, that was close, I almost thought I saw a flying pig".

(So you can get how this came to be, you need to know that I had a TY Beanie pig on my computer, that my sister had bought for me.)

So one day in May I had to make a run out to get my son a shirt for something or other and when I was out I realized I had left my wallet in my other purse, which was upstairs in our bedroom (we were living together by then). When I pulled in the drive, I saw him run from the backyard into the house really fast, but I wasn't sure what was he doing.

So I walk in and he is upstairs and I holler out from the front door "Hey honey, I forgot my wallet, can you bring it down to me. It's in the purse on the bed". He hollers back "Come to the steps and I will throw it down".

I say "I don't want to take my shoes off". He says "Just come and get it. It's only going to take you a minute".

So, I walk over to the staircase and here comes a FLYING PIG with a note stuck to him. It was my beanie pig and the note reads "I love you, will you be mine". He had put wings on my pig and had strung fishing wire from the top of the stairs to the bottom (I couldn't even see the wire). I started crying and went up the stairs (he had not even shown his face yet).

When I got into the room he was down on one knee and took my hand and said "I love you more than anything and want the whole world to know you are mine. And now that we have seen pigs fly, will you marry me?"

So of course I said yes and we will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary on June 12th of this year. :)

Ben+Shayda found on OnceWed

PinkLemonadeDuxbury says:

Met my husband 21 years ago . . . he was a long haired, shirtless drummer in a rock band and I came from a very buttoned up uber-preppy town. We met when I broke up with my ex and went with a friend to drown my sorrows at a local watering hole and his band (in it's fledgling days) was playing there that night. It was love at first sight for both of us - I can remember the first moment I saw him like it was 5 minutes ago. We've been married 12 years. When my son was two he saw a picture of us when we first started dating and asked me who "dat lady is" in the picture with Momma!

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KangarooKnits says:

Thirteen years ago, my son helped me to access a chat server (MIRC). I was really nervous using chat for the 1st time! Within 5 minutes I met a guy & we discovered that we both lived in the same city & graduated in 1970 from the same high school! The next day, we met for dinner with yearbooks in hand & then 6 months later we got married. :)

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Crystalsidyll says:

I met my husband my freshman year in college. We were best friends for three years. Then one night we were sitting on the couch and he said, very seriously, "I need to talk to you." I thought, great, he's going to tell me he doesn't want to hang out with me anymore. Then he said, "Will you marry me?" My very romantic response, "Are you serious?"
He was. We're coming up on 14 years of marriage, despite having never dated.

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hearttohearts says:

my husband and I met online, we would get home from class and log onto AIM and chat until like 4am every day. I had strong reservations about meeting anyone from online in person though. then a few weeks before my 21st birthday I had surgery. When I was able to get back to my computer I saw that I had not a single message from any of my "real life" friends, but about a dozen messages from this guy I only knew online. So I figured he was a descent guy, and took a chance. We agreed to meet in a public place, the mall in front of a certain store....and we've pretty much been inseperable since then. Two years after we met in person, he proposed in that same spot in the mall.

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