Thursday, February 18, 2010

What happened to the...

sun? It was such a nice day yesterday and today it looks so blah outside. Yesterday, my lunch break was spent laying under a tree with a blanket. I know not everyone is fortunate to have sunny days in February. I can't imagine ever living in a place where it snows! Don't today's picks just wish you could enjoy the sun?

Stoechas 8x8 fine art print by honeytree.

1950's Fields Below Sundress by SweetToothVintage.

Old Town - Original Signed Art Photograph by AliciaBock.

The Best Vintage 70's Givenchy sunglasses by RaggedyThreads.

Pink Fuzz- 8x8 Fine Art Print by bluecitrusart.

White huarache oxford flats by ReanimatedRags.

Please come out sun ♥

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