Friday, February 5, 2010

Lovely Loves...

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Candy companies make sweets in pinks and reds. Heart shaped mylar balloons are blown up floating above aisles. I used to love Valentine's Day in elementary school when everyone brought in those little perforated cards that came in sheets of 4. The cool kids gave out the ones that came with candy, not the conversation hearts. The conversation hearts were too chalky for me. Anyways, on the topic of Valentine's Day and love, I thought I'd share some more talented photographers with you. Each of these photos has a love theme, enjoy...

True Love Stories by yvetteinufio

Looking for Love by irenesuchocki

Hearts On The Line by ClaudiaKayPhoto

Love No.2 by LolasRoom

My Heart Is Blue Without You by study

Surrounded by Love by janeheller

I couldn't resist putting this one in. I love Sin City! forever vegas by capow

And there you have it folks, love through the camera lens ♥


  1. your blog is so cute! Thank you so much for using my print in your beautiful feature!