Monday, February 22, 2010

Let me introduce you...

to Elle from ellemoss! I'm still pretty new to the blogging world and promised you readers that I would provide you with how to's, etsy finds, recipes, interviews, and giveaways! Here you have it, my very first interview! Elle was ever so kind to share with us some of her life. She's a talented photographer, a mother of 2, and resides in Saline, Michigan with her husband. I'll let her tell you more about herself:

1. Where are you from? Saline, Michigan

2. Are you currently living in that city? Yes

3. Do you have kids? Married? I have 2 kids and have been married for almost 17 years.

4. Is your name Elle Moss? yes and no :)

5. How long have you been doing photography and what got you into it? My husband bought me a dslr for Christmas in 2006 and I took a class to relearn how to use a manual camera. I've always loved photography and have always been drawn to it, but have only taken it seriously since 2007.

6. Is photography your profession or hobby? If it's your hobby, what is your day time job? It is now my full time profession. Before that, I was busy homeschooling my son, who is now a sophomore in a public high school.

7. Who is/are the girl(s) in your photos? She is me. :-)

8. Where do you get your ideas and inspirations from for your photographs? I am constantly inspired by the work of Mexican Surrealist, Remediios Varo and other artists and photographers...too many to list here. I am also inspired by old cinema, both of my grandmothers, vintage things, dreams, music and color.

9. Aside from photography, what do you do in your free time? I love traveling, road trips, vintage/antique shopping, playing games, doing crosswords and logic puzzles, listening to music, dancing, playing guitar, playing Rock Band, watching movies...

10. What are your top 5 favorite etsy stores?


11. What is the coolest place you've traveled to? London, England. Cant wait to go back!

12. Do you have an embarassing moment you'd like to share with us? As a senior in high school, I took an embarrasing spill down bleacher and spilled Coke all over myself. Awesome.

13. What is your all time favorite movie? Wizard of Oz.

14. Do you have a blog? Can we find you on facebook? Twitter?

My blog:
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Check out Elle's etsy shop:

Elle, thanks for letting us have a little peek into your life ♥

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