Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Gem Faire was in...

town this weekend, so of course I had to go today and yesterday! I think I racked up about 5 hours spent there! I bought tons of new crystals and semi precious stones. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed go a little crazy and buy waaaaay too much stuff. My creative juices are flowing and I have so many ideas for new items. I'll start the new pieces tomorrow. So, for now, feast your eyes on some of these gorgeous crystals and gems:

Crystals and black bow necklace by bonjourpierre.

Platinum and brass drop necklace by lunarbelle.

Ash and smoke earrings by laralewis.

Angel Tears. A necklace of peace and prayer by NewFashionedWhispers.

The Green Light earrings by PoleStar.

Golden swallow and olive crystal necklace by bonjourpierre.

Love them all ♥


  1. such a lovely blog! it's an honor to have my earrings included. thank you! :)

  2. Beautiful! You have a gorgeous collection of items here and a lovely blog, thank you!